Atlas Group Training System

Atlas Group Training System

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The Atlas Group Training System can enhance your facility’s current small group training or help you launch a new dynamic program for increased revenue. This modern, space efficient and fully customizable group training system is designed to accommodate today’s small group training needs. Motivate and inspire members of all fitness levels with high-energy and team centric training sessions.
  • Available as either Atlas 200 model or Atlas 201 model. Choose the model that best meets your facility’s storage needs.
    • Atlas 200 Storage:  Accessory Rack with Hangers, 2 Flat Trays, 5 Med Ball Rings
    • Atlas 201 Storage:  3 Flat Trays, 5 Med Ball Rings
  • Both 200 and 201 models come standard with Step Platform, Dip Station, Dry Erase Board and Rope Rack.
  • Approximate Dimensions: 10′ wide x 6″ deep. (Additional minimum 6′ perimeter required to perform exercises.)

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Build the Ideal System For Your Facility in 4 Easy Steps

Implement traditional, corrective and/or functional exercises with the Atlas thanks to available accessory packages and functional trainer options.


• Suspension Bracket
• Heavy Bag with attachment kit
• Ropeflex® with attachment kit


• Short End Column + 3 Flat Trays
• Tall End Column + Accessory Rack + 2 Flat Trays
• Short End Column + BOSU®/Foam Roll Rack
• Med Ball Rings
• Core Trainer
• Rope Rack
• Half Rack Band Peg Kit

Footprint Approximately 10′ W x 6″ D
Machine Weight XFT-200: 493.8 lbs (223.98 kg); XFT-201: 494.1 lbs (224.12 kg)
Warranty Type Commercial
Frame 10 Years
Parts 5 Years
Labor 1 Year
Cosmetic and Coating 3 Months