Impulse Calf Raise Bench

Impulse Calf Raise Bench



The Impulse Calf Raise Machine is the most effective tool for targeting your calves. With this machine, you’ll be bringing your leg day to a whole new level. This machine allows you to add up to 330 LB of weight to break old PRs and reach new physique goals. Take a seat; raise the weights and remove the safety lever; and get those reps done. You’ll never want to skip leg day again!

You’ll love using this machine because a) it provides results and b) you’ll feel awesome using it. Its ability to deliver effective, isolating, and ergonomic calf raises is unmatched by any other type of equipment. With a padded seat, height-adjustable and padded quad cushions; a textured platform to secure your feet; and a safety lever: you’ll feel safe, comfortable and confident, rep after rep.

Max User Weight: 150 KG | 330 LB
(H x W x L) 1380X541X441mm
Product Weight: 28.5 KG | 63 LB
Tubing: 50.8xx76.2×2.5mm Square Tube

Additional information

Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 1000 × 1000 × 1000 cm