Mag Grip Lat Pulldown Bar Attachment

Mag Grip Lat Pulldown Bar Attachment




The Mag Grip Lat Pulldown Attachment is a unique and innovative fitness tool designed to optimize your Lat pulldown, horizontal row, and other cable exercises. Unlike traditional cable attachment bars, the MAG Grips attachment are designed to align with the natural movement and strength curve of your muscles, providing a more effective and comfortable workout.

The hold allows for a more secure “hooked” grip, allowing you to reduce the risk of over-engaging your grip strength. Setting your hands and fingers like hooks, and then holding them there, enables you to relax the forearms and focus on the muscles that should be doing the pulling.


  • Ergonomically angled handle grips for a deeper mind muscle connection
  • Textured surface for extra grip
  • Commercial grade design in the luxury of your own home
  • Dimensions: L 85cm x W 11cm x H 16.5cm
  • Weight: 3.7 KG

Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 100 × 20 × 40 cm