Revolving Curl Bar Attachment

Revolving Curl Bar Attachment




Revolving Curl Bar 

Key Features:

  • Smooth rotation
  • Premium grade steel
  • Textured grips to ensure no slipping

The Benefits Of Revolving Curl Bars

Designed to fully isolate your biceps and triceps while taking the strain off your wrists and elbows. This bar allows the athlete maximum comfort and efficiency in concentration curling and triceps push downs through the following features:

Is the perfect bar to target your arms. This bar connects to a cable machine with its revolving attachment,  meaning that you are able to train multiple angles and exercises with no limitations or restrictions on movements. The ‘W’ shape of the bar also adds to the variety of movements and muscles you can target with this bar, as different grips will result in different muscle groups being targeted in an individual exercise. Therefore the same movement e.g. a bicep curl, can now be expanded into different variations which target different muscles in the arm. The same principle goes for Triceps pull downs, straight arm pull downs etc.


Details and dimensions

  • Length = 30 inches
  • Weight = 10 LB

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 80 × 12 × 12 cm