VIKING X1 PRO All in One Trainer


VIKING X1 PRO All in One Trainer

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Introducing the innovative VIKING X1 Pro All in One Trainer system designed to take your performance to the next level, for those looking for the ultimate full-body versatile training experience. The VIKING X1 Pro has a strong and durable frame, ensuring long-term strength and stability.  Impressive load capacity on the bar hooks up to 250kg, on the chin-up up to 150kg, on the dips attachment up to 150kg and the cables have a remarkable strength of up to 800kg.  Achieve your fitness goals with this high-performance all-in-one training system, that’s built to last.

  • Specifications
    • 2mm Frame Thickness
    • 5mm aircraft type cables tested for 900 kg
    • Durable and smooth stainless steel weight plate guides
    • Triangular bottom rear support
    • Reinforced pads with PU coating
    • 4 barbell storage positions for easy storage and pick-up
    • Double pull functional trainer’s height is easy to be adjust with 22 pulley positions. It also can rotate 180°.
    • Dimensions Assembled: 1710(L) x 1990(W) x 2170(H) cm

Functional Trainer

Adjustable height  You can see the digital knurling of each height adjustment hole. The functional trainer’s double pull grips’  height is easy to be adjusted in 22 pulley positions.  The pulley can also rotate 180° for greater flexibility

Smith System

Featuring a robust bar sliding system (Smith) for greater flexibility and safety in lifting weights. With impressive maximum weight load up to 200kg.  Includes 2 dip handles with a maximum user weight of up to 150kg. Straight and W-Curved bar attachments are also included, as well as other useful attachments such as a triceps rope, ankle strap & triangular rowing grip.

Chin Up station

Multi-grip  At the top of the X1Pro you will find a multi-grip chin-up bar, which guarantees an impressive maximum load capacity of 150 kg!   With multiple handles at various distances and angles and with a hook to hang a boxing bag, the X1 Pro activates the muscles of the back and the biceps, making it a core piece of this equipment! Train your back, biceps, forearms and shoulders with a wide or narrow grip.

Barbell Hooks

Adjustable in different positions  The VIKING X1 Pro All in One Trainer Smith features 2 barbell mounting posts and 2 barbell safety hooks. These attachments are of vital importance when performing squat exercises. Just adjust the height of the hooks according to the desired range of motion and begin exercising.

All barbell hooks can be adjusted to 22 positions per height and have a rubber coating to prevent slippage, protect the barbell, reduce impact noise and reduce friction between metal surfaces.

Dip Stations

Adjustable in different positions  Two dip stations are  included, which you can adjust vertically in different height positions. Each station features two rubber coated handles to prevent slippage from sweaty palms.  With a simple but extremely effective motion, you can workout your chest, shoulders and triceps. Using the inner handle bars you target your triceps, while with the outer handle grips you target your chest. 

Leg Holder

Attachment  Leg Holder with PU padding and a high quality leather cover. Odorless and sweat and wear resistant.   It features an automatic rebound pin for maximum stability and 3 adjustment positions to meet the needs of different users.


The X1 Pro offers incredible flexibility and the option to put a different spin on a vast amount of exercises through a large number of included attachments

Included Attachments: Multi chin-up , J-Hooks, Spotter Arms, Landmine , Straight bar, W-Curved Bar, Triceps Rope, Dip handle, Footplate and Thigh Holder

Optional Attachments:

1.JAMMER ARMS: can be used for various exercises push/pull movements but they can also be used for some lower body exercises or over­ head press, bench press, incline press, any single hand pressing, rows with various grips, dead lifts, single arm rows, extremely versatile and allow you to do a huge range of new movements with your machine.

  • Frame: Heavy Duty Steel with Electrostatic Powder Coat that offers a durable & maintenance free finish
  • Functionality: Allows you to do Jammer Arm exercises
  • Compatibility: Optional Attachment suited to the VIKING X6 and X1 PRO

2.  LAT SEAT attachment allows you to perform Lat pulldown exercises. The attachment mechanism is designed to be similar to a J-Hook with the addition of a pin for extra safety and stability. With multiple height setting options, you’ll be able to find a comfortable position no matter your body type!

  • Frame: Heavy Duty Steel with Electrostatic Powder Coat that offers a durable & maintenance free finish
  • Functionality: Allows you to do Lat Pulldown exercises
  • Compatibility: Optional Attachment suited to the VIKING X6 and X1 PRO

3.  VERTICAL LEG PRESS PLATE: helps support your back throughout the movement so your back can remain completely relaxed while in the horizontal position.  The extra wide footplate helps you to target the quadriceps while placing an emphasis on the inner thigh muscles or glutes depending on your foot position.

  • Compatibility: Optional Attachment suited to the VIKING X6 and X1 PRO


Additional information

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 1000 × 1000 × 1000 cm

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