Concorde Balance Disc Wobble Cushion

Concorde Balance Disc Wobble Cushion



This wobble disk can be used for sitting or standing to help improve balance, flexibility, coordination and posture. With a 300 kg anti-burst weighting, the Concorde Wobble Disk is made of heavy-duty PVC and can measure up to the dimensions of 13.5” W and 3” H. Choose to deflate or inflate the wobble disk for your desired difficulty level. The large textured massage spikes are on one side for maximum grip and safety.


  • Top Quality: Constructed of heavy-duty PVC with a 300 kg anti-burst rating.
  • Size: Choose to inflate the Concorde Wobble Disk to your desired balance difficulty. Adjusts up to 13.5” in diameter and 3” height.
  • Dual-Textured: The wobble disk features large massage spikes on one side for added grip. Use the spike side for standing, and the reverse smooth side for sitting positions.

Why You Need It:

By using the Concorde Wobble Disk on its own or in combination with your other workout and recovery tools, you will find results in correcting posture and form while improving your overall balance and strength.

How It Helps:

Stability cushions, such as the Concorde Wobble Disk, are sturdy air-filled discs that are strong and durable enough to stand or sit on. The unstable aspect of the inflated disk helps you to achieve core stability and balance, while aiding to back pain and improving posture.

What You Can Do With It:

The Concorde Wobble Disk can be used for rehabilitation and balance practice or as an additional level of difficulty to any workout. This soft inflatable balance disk can be utilized in pilates, yoga or your regular fitness routine. You can add the wobble disk to almost any exercise by placing the cushion under your hands, feet, knees, or bum. The unstable base will make your daily exercises more challenging, increasing results!

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 36 × 36 cm

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