Concorde PVC Jump Rope

Concorde PVC Jump Rope


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The Concorde Jump Ropes are an industry standard fitness equipment for sports conditioning, personal training and boot camp cardio workouts.


The Concorde Jump Ropes help increase your cardio while promoting speed, agility and coordination. The Concorde Jump Ropes are extremely cost efficient and have enough durability to last through any personal training, sports conditioning or boot camp workout!


  • Length Variations: Available in 8′ and 9′
  • Lightweight and Portable: Features a feather-light design, making it easy to transport for both gym classes, our outdoor workouts.

Why You Need It:
This Jump Rope is for anyone who is looking for a fast and effective cardio workout. This rope is perfect for anyone, from beginner to advanced jumpers.

How It Helps:
Jumping Rope is a fun and effective way to improve your coordination, agility, and overall cardiovascular fitness. More specifically it can help strengthen your back, arms, calves etc.

What You Can Do With It:
This exercise possibilities are endless with this Jump Rope. Start off with the basic jump, and then work your way to more advanced movements such as: alternate foot jumps, boxer steps, high knees, jump rope jacks, etc.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 cm
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