Inflight Adjustable Cable Column

Inflight Adjustable Cable Column


The Adjustable Cable Column is perfect for athletes who want to push themselves to the limit. With its 150lb. weight stacks, this machine is ready to take on any challenge. The Cable Column is also adjustable to 17 different heights, so you can always find the perfect training position. Additionally, its 2:1 cable ratio means that you’ll always get a smooth and consistent workout. Plus, the integrated foot block ensures that you can perform seated row exercises with ease. Finally, the Cable Column’s chrome steel stirrup handle and powder-coated steel shrouds give it a sleek and modern look that will help motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

Don’t let the simple design of the Inflight Adjustable Cable Column | FT-CLMS fool you, this machine is capable of working every muscle fiber you possess. Sleek, affordable and engineered with perfect this equipment is a compact and streamlined all-purpose machine that is ideal for both the home and commercial gym environments.

Take advantage of this world class workout equipment from Inflight that brings the gym experience to new levels of efficiency, practicality, ergonomics, freeform movement and fat busting exercises! What else do you expect from Inflight, a former aircraft parts manufacturer? This Adjustable Cable Column is built to last for entire generations without blinking an eye.


First and foremost, the frame is composed of nothing but heavy-duty 11 & 12 gauge 1500 grade structural tubing. How about them apples? This basically means that you could hook these cables up to a dump truck and they wouldn’t snap. All the technicalities mean nothing to most people except fitness engineers, so suffice it to say that this machine is sturdy and reliable beyond measure.

The padding an upholstery is extremely comfortable, along with stylish! Did someone say black vinyl? We’re talking about specially molded cushions that hold strong. From guide rods and fasteners to the dual handgrips, weight plates and pulleys this is a top of the line product that gains in popularity by the minute.

FRAME MATERIALS: All Inflight Fitness exercise equipment is constructed of heavy-duty 12ga structural tubing.
PADDING AND UPHOLSTERY: All of our selectorized weight equipment is fitted with black vinyl covered HR molded cushions.
BEARINGS: All pivots rotate on either ABEC-1 precision ball bearings, contained in a cast or machined housing to provide smooth, quiet movement and precise alignment.
CABLES: All fittings are stainless steel and swaged to the cable. The cable assembly is rated at a minimum breaking strength of 4200 lbs.
PULLEYS: Pulleys are 4 1/2″ diameter fiberglass-impregnated nylon with a precision fit cable groove and 6203 double sealed roller bearings.
DIMENSIONS: 46″(W) x 50″(L) x 91″(H) (118cm x 127cm x 231cm)
WEIGHT: 200 lbs.(90kg)
WEIGHT STACK: 150lbs.(68kg)


FRAME: Lifetime
PARTS: 1 Year