PFS Paralette Bars

PFS Paralette Bars



As one of the most versatile pieces of training equipment, PFS Parallette Bars are a must-have for bodyweight strength training. The bars create a neutral wrist position for added stability while maintaining wrist health and allow for diverse gymnastic-style movements.

Work through progressions like leg tucks, dips, handstands, L-sit and V-sit to the more advanced holds like the planche. From core-stabilising exercises to upper body strength development, the gymnastic parallettes provide all-round versatility that is portable and convenient.

  • Made from heavy duty materials and touched up with a black powder coat
  • Easily portable for workouts on the go.  A truly versatile piece of equipment allowing for full body strength development
  • Sold in pairs.
  • Dimensions: L 58.8cm x W 35.5cm x H 30.5cm
  • Great for use by beginners and a must have for experts looking to take their calisthenics capabilities to the next level

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 20 cm