Pilates Ring

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Step up your Pilates practice
The Pilates ring is a ring that offers resistance while doing exercises. This allows you to train deep muscles without the need for special devices. You develop muscle strength and endurance and at the same time you train your balance by applying the same pressure on both sides of the ring, allowing you to perform an exercise correctly.

Deep muscles
The Pilates ring is ideally suited for training the legs, upper arms, core, chest and back muscles. Due to the extra resistance that the use of the ring creates, you intensify the regular Pilates exercises and you use the muscles that you wouldn’t train without the ring. The plastic handles provide a firm grip, even if you’re sweaty.

* For intensifying your Pilates practice
* Ideal for training legs, upper arms, core, chest and back muscles
* With plastic handles for firm and slip-free grip


  • Soft cover
  • Extra large, high quality molded grips
  • Fiber glass resistance core
  • 14.5″ | 37cm diameter

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm