T-Bar Row Handle

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T-Bar Row Handle




Transform your Olympic bar into a dynamic workout tool with the T-Bar Row handle. The T-Bar handle can be used together with our Landmine Total Core T-Bar Trainer or BRT-10 Landmine Attachment to create a very versatile piece of exercise equipment.  This item is great for all rotational/anti rotational exercises and T bar rows. The horn shaped handle is set at the correct angle to give optimum range of movement through out the exercise. To increase the intensity of your core workouts just add additional weight plates to the bar.

The T-Bar rows movement improves the whole upper body adding strength and tone.


  • Correct angle of ‘horns’ allows optimum range of movement.
  • Perform rotational anti rotational movements.
  • Bent over T-Bar rows.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 77 × 77 × 7 cm