Vector 6 Hybrid Resistance Rower


Vector 6 Hybrid Resistance Rower

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Vector 6 Hybrid Resistance Rower with the hybrid resistance system, ergonomically seat and handling bar, 10 training programs and its outstanding stability, Vector 6 is a favorite pick for home gym and can even be used as Ltd. commercial setting.

 Advanced Hybrid resistance system

10 level While the air resistance provides an almost unlimited high resistance output, the magnetic resistance ensures a comfortable and smooth resistance at the lower intensity levels. Vector 6 is hence suitable for training beginners as well as for professional rowers.

(1) 51 cm seat height easy mobility for users to get on-and-off especially after long-time training session.

(2) U-shape at the rear of the seat provides comfort for  spine while rowing.

(3) Rubber stabilizer facilitate stability for intensive use.

  • 10 level air and magnetic resistance
  • P1 : Manual
  • P2-4 : Target setting on time, distance and calorie
  • P5 : Race program
  • P6-9 : Preset HIT programs
  • 5.5”LCD with white backlight
  • Length :  98.4 inch (250.3 cm)
  • Width :  24.7 inch (63cm)
  • Seat Height :  19 inch (51cm)
  • Overall Height :  48 inch (124cm)
  • Monorail length is 46 inch (117cm)
  • Overall dimensions: L 2500 x W 628 x H 1240 mm
  • Steel Chain for Durability
Power Generation for Monitor
  • Plug Adaptor
Maximum User Weight
  • 330lbs (150kg)
Machine Weight
  • 103lbs (46.5 kg)
  • Console

Resistance Level 1-10

By manual rotate shuttle button

Display Mode

 Transit mode between

Exercise, Curve, and Bar Chart

by adjusting the display key.

Data Display

 Time/500m (AVG)

Measurement of speed/ split time.


Display watts per stroke during a workout


Heart rate/per mins


Measures total of your workout time

Heart rate

Calories burned per hour.


Estimated distance traveled during workout
  • 9 Program Configure







Manual Mode

The freedom-loving persons use the quick start or the manual mode.
Here, the program can be individually configured or your just start rowing. Here, you don’t have any specifications, the training values are counted up starting from zero. You start, whenever you want and stop, whenever you want.



Goal Time

Set you goal by adjusting the Scroll Wheel/Enter For the target-oriented persons, there are the programs two to four.
Here, you can set a target time, a calorie value or a target distance. The program ends, when you have achieved the set program target. These programs are quite well to reduce weight (calories) or to keep an eye on your own success.



Goal Calorie



Goal Distance




Adjust competing distance and resistance level to compete with computer boat. The race is graphically presented on the display. For competition users, the pacer program is the right choice.
Here, you compete against your average time or against your best time.
The race is graphically presented on the display.



High Intensity Training

20 Mins Beginning Session

Warm Up Phase : Warm up your body and also gives you time to adjust your comfortable resistance level.

HIIT Phase: Encourage user to go as fast as they can. Beware do not exceed your fitness ability. Ex : You’re encouraged to go as fast as you can with higher SPM.

Rest Phase : Slow frequency of stroke rate to catch breath and recovery for next phase. A relatively slower SPM than last phase

Cool down Phase :The program is about to end and give you time to recover from the entire workout
Phase Progress is indicated on the display.

The four HIT programs (High Intensity Training) are perfect to improve quickly the fitness and to lose weight effectively.
Phases of high intensity and regeneration phases alternate during these 20 to 30 minutes lasting programs. These short, challenging training sessions are meant to stimulate strongly the fat burning and are very time-saving.



High Intensity Training

20 Mins Standard Session



High Intensity Training

30 Mins Standard Session



High Intensity Training

30 Mins Advanced Session

Additional information

Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 1000 × 1000 × 1000 cm