Attain PT2 Functional Trainer

Attain PT2 Functional Trainer


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Attain Fitness PT2 Functional Trainer – a game-changer in complementing your cardio program and elevating your strength training routine. Designed with the principles of functional training in mind, the PT2 ensures your workouts are not only efficient but also closely aligned with the everyday movements of your body. Take a closer look at the exceptional features that set the PT2 apart

  • 160 lb. weight stack (can upgrade 200lbs)
  • Built and warranted for full commercial use
  • Smooth and easy cable adjustments
  • Compact, can be placed in any corner of the room
  • Variety of accessories included
  • Multi-grip Chin Up Bar
  • 2:1 cable ratio for smooth action and greater range of motion
  • Full length acrylic panels for added beauty and safety

PT2 Functional Trainer – Key Features:

Accessories Included: The PT2 comes complete with essential accessories to enhance your workout experience. Included are (1) foot/ankle strap, (2) D-ring handgrips, and an instructional DVD, providing you with a range of options for diversified exercises.

Biomechanics: Ergonomically adjusting to your body, the PT2 ensures you are always in the optimal position for a highly efficient and effective workout. This thoughtful design caters to your body’s natural movements, promoting a seamless exercise experience.

User-defined Motion: Experience a functional weight sensation with the high-mass/low-travel, 1:2 resistance ratio. This unique feature allows you to feel a functional weight of half the selected weight on the stack, providing a smooth, positive feel and a long range of cable motion, minimizing abrupt stops.

Versatile Design: The PT2 boasts a space-efficient design with a compact footprint, fitting snugly into any corner of your home gym. Crafted with high-grade components meeting ASTM standards, it ensures durability and reliability.

Motion Benefits: Functional Training is seamlessly integrated into the PT2, offering benefits such as improved core strength, enhanced balance, stability, coordination, and overall strength. It brings relevance to your workouts, making them applicable to both everyday movements and sports-specific training.

Upper Body Stations: Enjoy unlimited upper body exercise options, including a multi-purpose pulling station, pressing station, and a combination of pressing and pulling station. The PT2 provides the flexibility you need for a well-rounded upper body workout.

Lower Body Stations: Similar to the upper body, the PT2 offers limitless lower body exercise options, allowing you to target various muscle groups for a comprehensive lower body workout.

Back and Core Stations: Integrated with a top bar for back and abdominal workouts, including chin-ups, the PT2 ensures you can sculpt your back and strengthen your core effectively.

Dual Independent Weight Stacks: Engage multiple planes of your body with the dual-independent weight stacks, offering isolateral resistance training that targets multiple muscles and joints simultaneously.

Dual High / Low Pulleys: The unique high/low dual-pulley system with a one-handed ergonomic handle easily adjusts to over 30 starting positions, providing unlimited exercise possibilities.

Instructional Charts: Included instructional charts in English guide you through a variety of exercises, ensuring you make the most out of your PT2 Functional Trainer.

Compact and Stylish: With a subtle warm brown color accented with citron yellow, the PT2 seamlessly complements your home decor, blending in effortlessly with your lifestyle.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight Stack(s): (2) fully enclosed weight stacks conceal and protect moving parts and starting resistance: 10 lbs.
  • Standard Weight Stack: 80 lbs. each of two stacks = 160 lbs. total stack weight
  • Top Plate: Cast aluminum top plate.
  • Pulleys: 4.5” and 3.5″ diameter, fiberglass impregnated nylon pulleys with sealed ball bearings.
  • Cable: The most flexible nylon coated, 7 X 19 strand aircraft cable rated at over 2000 lbs. tensile strength.
  • Weight Stack Enclosures: Full-length acrylic panels provide safety and beauty.
  • Guide Rods: Chrome plated 1″ diameter tubular steel.
  • Dimensions: 38″L x 53″W x 83″H (L:97cm, W:135cm, H:211cm)
  • Machine Weight: 584 lb. (265 kg)

Residential Warranty: Lifetime Frame Warranty /10 Years – Cables, Pulleys and Parts / 5 Years – Upholstery

Light Commercial Warranty: 10 Years Frame Warranty / 3 Years – Cables, Pulleys and Parts / 1 Year – Upholstery

Additional information

Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 500 × 500 × 500 cm